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This site is sort of a take on the old “Variety Show”. You never know what is going to be posted from day to day. (I don’t either. lol) Though I truly hope you find it informative. Maybe even enjoyable.

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  1. Niki

    I came upon this site while looking for Walter Veith’s Lecture today “Babylon is Fallen” Part 1… which I have not found yet. If you have this (series?) please point me to it. But I was so totally anazed at what you do have! And I have emailed this to nieces and nephews who are scatter around the world … such a great witnessing site! Thank you so much for this wonderful library! I had been ordering DVDs sent to them but that does get expensive! Have a great day and thanks again!

    1. Sue Says Post author

      I just posted Babylon is Fallen, parts 1 and 2. You can look it up through the search bar. Thank you so much for recommending my website to your family. I appreciate it so much! I have been working on my website for over four years now. Thank you for your comment.


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