About Those White Flags…..


Stoner: I Surrendered Brooklyn Bridge

A wacky pro-pot activist claims he burned New York’s Finest by planting the notorious white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge — and he swears he’s not just hitting the bong too hard. 

Though I am providing the link to the story you will have to copy and paste if you want to read it. Personally, it’s not worth your time.

Amazing how there are always those who come out of the woodwork to claim they did something that has no basis in fact.

Surprise, surprise.  And he calls himself, Rev. Bud Green….oh, boy……..are you kidding me?


Cops Closing in on Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Suspects

Detectives now have nine “persons of interest” in the Brooklyn Bridge white-flag caper…..

The NYPD is also investigating whether there is any credibility to the claims of a 49-year-old pro-pot activist from California who claims that he orchestrated the whole thing.

That would be the Rev. Bud Green they are talking about.

Police would not rule him out Thursday, saying, “The NYPD has received a number of tips and potential leads in connection with the Brooklyn Bridge incident. We give appropriate review to any information that comes to our attention and conduct follow-up as deemed required.” But Green was not considered a “person of interest” on Thursday, police sources said.


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