About web designer, Robi Robson


This page is actually long overdue…

Robi Robson is the person who got this website up and running for me.  He has been so kind  in changing things that I wanted changed and in a timely manner. (He did this as a friend) I’d ask and poof….it was done.  Well, maybe not “poof”  but you know what I mean. It’s amazing watching things change, sometimes right before my eyes. (One day we were on the phone doing this) The website has been a work in progress, design wise. I can’t tell you how pleased I am. It’s beyond words.

The background picture…..is his. Beautiful, huh?  He’s a talented photographer as well as web designer. Have you ever met someone who seems to live life to the fullest? Who just get’s out there and does things?  That’s my take on Robi. He’s definitely an inspiration to me.

Though I may have eventually been able to do my own website…I know I probably would have become frustrated not being all that techy.  That’s his forte.

My belief is there are  things you should leave to the pros. And honestly if you think having a website is beyond your ability to set up, he’s your tech guy. Or, he should be.

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