Addressing the Problem?


President Obama’s San Bernardino/ISIS Address

Well, at least Obama did say that this was an act of terrorism and not work place violence. I hate to admit it but I was waiting for him to explain that this was work place violence. Surprise…he didn’t. Maybe at least this time he thought that may be the wrong road to go down.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?

I have read an article where another man actually purchased the guns used in the killing spree. So, what good is another list?

I have also read that indeed this couple was part and parcel of ISIS. Yes, indeed they did belong. At least ideologically. And then of course, there’s the question, was anyone backing them financially?

Since, Obama spoke of the “no fly list” …has it ever occurred to you that people can be on a no fly list and be walking around without being arrested? Why is that? So, they can walk around in your communities being an unrecognized threat…just not on a plane? Really? Is that the way it works?

If Muslims attack mostly other Muslims then why is it in the news that they indeed are attacking people outside their Muslim communities? This is happening worldwide.

I think I have at least a partial solution to this problem… If a person that you are related to commits a crime of terrorism them the whole family is deported back to their country of origin. In that way they will sort of police their own. Not totally of course, but who would be closer to a possible terrorist than family. On the other hand, if they report a person involved in a plot before anything happens…they get to stay.

I got to thinking after I wrote this…that this is my human response to this world’s woe’s. Forgive me, Lord. Ultimately and practically, this world’s problems are due to sin.  These problems will never occur in Christ’s Kingdom. Never.

Did you know that the Bible says that there will an abundance of peace in heaven? An abundance. There will not be any strife. None. Sin and sinner’s will be no more. Neither will exist.

Hallelujah, what a Savior!

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