Advocate? Who’s Kidding Who?


Hillary Clinton Faces Test of Record as Women’s Advocate

From the article:

It was supposed to be a carefully planned anniversary to mark one of the most important and widely praised moments in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career — and to remind the country, ahead of a likely 2016 presidential campaign, about her long record as a champion for the rights of women and girls.


…..she finds herself under attack for her family foundation’s acceptance of millions of dollars in donations from Middle Eastern countries known for violence against women and for denying them many basic freedoms.

Hmm… maybe Hillary doesn’t understand the word advocate? Or, hypocrisy for that matter?

Mrs. Clinton’s foundation must not be a real threat to the way of life for women in the middle-east, you think?

I find it laughable that her husband backs her.  We know what HIS record is when it comes to women.

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Posted March 9, 2015 by Sue Says in category In the News

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