I’d say “An Ounce of Prevention, Is Worth a Pound of Cure”


Obama Assails Ebola Quarantines, Saying they are Based on Fear, Not Facts

From the article:

President Obama on Tuesday forcefully rejected the idea of a quarantine for medical­ workers returning from Ebola-affected­ countries, arguing that such an approach would undermine the broader effort to eliminate the epidemic .

Mr. President, I am so sorry that you can’t make the hard choices.

President Obama you are insulated from people.  Yes, you have been around people who “had” Ebola. But, what I would really like to see….is for you to don all the protection that the medical personnel do and walk into an actual patient’s room.  That will never happen and we know it. You, riding on public transportation….will never happen. You riding on a plane with people from West Africa…..will never happen.

If you indeed…are doing everything you can….why is it spreading? It’s a simple question.

It’s a fact….that medical  personnel who were treating those with Ebola were more well protected than anyone out in the public and they got it. Explain to me how that happened? Deny it all you want….but it’s the truth.

I’ll tell you what….you set up a wing of the White House for patient’s with Ebola and we can do away with the quarantine’s. Deal?


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