And Will Obama Continue to Ignore You…..?


Mother of Man Killed By Illegal: Pres ‘Ignoring Us Completely’

From the article:

Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son, Brandon, was killed by an illegal immigrant slammed President Obama for having “no concern” for her or the families of others who have lost their loved to ones to crimes committed by illegal immigrants on Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

The strange thing about this story is…something sounded a little off. I had a funny notion that Ms. Mendosa is a Democrat/Liberal and voted for Obama.

It was some of the things she was saying. Such as…speaking of President Obama….”I would want to point out to him that it’s the American people who have voted him into office”. You in particular, Ms. Mendosa?


Speaking of illegal immigrants…

He… he has, taken the time to meet with them, he has addressed their issues, and he’s now doing something about  it in this amnesty move he is going to make.

What? Would a Republican bring this up? Personally…. I don’t think they would.

Ms. Mendosa speaking:

“I have met with other families that have been affected by illegals killing their loved ones.

Her concern seems to be only those who commit heinous crimes.

We deserve acknowledgement just like these illegals that he is now going to do something for them.

Illegals deserve ackowledgemnt? Since when? You have to listen carefully to the video. She comes off sounding sympathetic to the illegal immigrants.

Can you have it both ways?

The reason that I mentioned that Ms. Mendosa was a Democrat was because Brietbart News put this up. It’s a conservative site. And she was also on Fox News? Of course, I admit I could be wrong?

Mother of police officer killed by drunk illegal immigrant driver pens furious letter to Obama after authorities failed to deport him following earlier arrests

‘I have to do something in my son’s memory to stop this kind of thing from happening,’ she said.

She added that she does not have any problems with law-abiding undocumented immigrants in the country.

It seems like she is basically saying , if you cross the border illegally but behave yourself, I don’t have a problem with that?

If a person crosses a border illegally, they are a criminal.  Why on earth…would anyone think that a person who came into the country illegally, would then turn from criminal activity to being a law-abiding citizen?  That doesn’t make sense. Or, at least to me…it doesn’t.

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