Antics? I Can Thing of a More Appropriate Word/or, Words


Rachel Dolezal’s Brothers Speak Out On Sister’s ‘Blackface’ Makeup and Strange Actions

From the article:

Rachel Dolazel‘s family relationship grows stranger. A series of Washington Post phone interviews with Dolazel’s brothers revealed that she is indeed white, and they have had their own experiences with their sister’s antics.

Antics? Huh? I’m thinking more along the lines of “have you totally lost your mind”?


When Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal spoke on Friday, they affirmed their parentage of Rachel, while addressing their own confusion over why their daughter is pretending to be African-American. Dolezal’s father told The Post that ever since Rachel got involved in social justice activism at Howard University, “she assimilated into that culture so strongly that that’s where she transferred her identity.”


The Liberal Mindset?

Liberals are folks who are so open minded…that their brains have fallen out…..

“If somebody thinks they’re a hedgehog, presumably you just give ’em a mirror and a few pictures of hedgehogs and tell them to sort it out for themselves.”

Douglas Adams

Elizabeth Warren claims she a Native American and gets elected to the Senate. Blumenthal claims he served in Vietnam and gets elected to the Senate. If a Liberal lies about their life story or heritage its alright. They mean well and they get a pass. This confused young lady will get a pass too, because she spouts the narrative the Left is so eager to espouse.

In an age where the political leaders of this country repeatedly lie to the American people with impunity the path has been laid out that this woman followed. Obama claimed to be born in Kenya in his books and his wife made that claim when he was US senator, then they claimed he was born in Hawaii when he ran for president. Sen. Elizabeth Warren claimed to be native American when she applied for a minority professorship position at Harvard.That was later proven false when she ran for the senate. Both Obama and Warren got elected despite the lies, so why is anyone surprised that this woman got her job at the National Association of Left Wing Colored People? Leftists love liars.

She black, man. Dudnt matter whose your daddy, who’s your momma. If she say she black, she black. She crazy, too, yo.

Was it wrong for adult Michael Jackson to change into a little white boy child?

It is never wrong to change your appearance. That’s a personal and superficial issue.
But you cannot change WHAT you are.
Michael Jackson never said he was white.

No, he just said he wanted to be Diana Ross

That’s Trans GENDER, not Trans RACIAL.
It’s a medical condition and 0bamacare covers it, lol!

Just when you think this country has reached rock bottom, we sink to even lower levels.

And….I wholeheartedly agree.

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