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Obama Writes Personal Letters to 46 Felons; No Contact with Kathryn Steinle’s Family

From the article:

Nearly two weeks after 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was murdered on San Francisco’s Pier 14 by an illegal alien and convicted felon who was released from prison earlier this year, President Barack Obama has failed to contact the victim’s family or mention her in public. Yet Obama took the time to write (and release) 46 personal letters this month to felons imprisoned for non-violent drug offenses whose sentences he has commuted.

It would be interesting if someone were to follow these felons. Oh, say for the next 5- 10 years to see how they fare and if they are truly able to reform themselves. Or, if they will return to prison under new charges.



Just so I’m clear on this… the president pardoned a bunch of crack dealers?  ” It’s the most commutations in a single day since at least the administration of President Lyndon Johnson.”  Its also just plain stupid. Can you think of a crime more harmful to the community than distributing drugs to it? One man had been convicted of more than 5 pounds of drugs. 

Or is this administration actually on it?

Enemy of the state.

No it is the agenda of the party.

CA is pure Dem blue.
1. In the past 3 to 4 years we have seen the passage of Prop 47 that reduces criminal penalties for various drug crimes. In reaction crimes against property have risen dramatically, and since the crimes are now misdemeanors, rehab rates have dropped considerably for those drug offenders. Now they are released to continue their habits, that they support by theft, burglary, and robbery.

2. A judge determined that CA prisons and jails were overcrowded, that having too many criminals was cruel and unusual punishment. So now Jerry Brown and Kamila Harris and the penal system they control, is operating a catch and release program. Where career criminals and those with records of violent crime are being dumped out on the streets to commit more crime. As a result the rates of violent and serious crimes has increased dramatically in the past year. Finally the numbers have caught up with Brown and Harris. Jerry Brown the First was soft on crime, and so is Jerry Brown the Second.

3. And as we have seen, Criminal Aliens are being released back into the public, to commit heinous crimes to satisfy some sort of political goals and or philosophy, due to sanctuary policy. The bologna family, Jamiel Shaw Jr, and now Kate Steinle murders are just the tip of the iceberg. For every one of them, there are a thousand other anonymous victims of sanctuary city policy.

So true blue is what Obama is doing by sending out commutations for drug offenders, if you read the list of their crimes you see most are serving significant sentences for distribution of large quantities of cocaine . Most were selling crack and or free base cocaine. The same old argument that crack dealers got larger sentences because crack was a black urban drug of choice.

So Obama was just putting his community organizer hat on, when he approved the commutations as a moment of race based politics and to appeal to the pure blue of Dem policy. Meanwhile crime rates are on the rise. Those receiving commutations will be back on the streets and will re-offend. And soft on crime policies will reap more innocent victims.

The war on drugs is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. There are mountains of evidence proving that the biggest importers of harmful, addictive, mind diminishing street drugs is the government. The drug laws that exist do not apply to the government agencies that bring these substances to our country. They are only designed to keep everyone else from this extremely lucrative business and give the establishment another reason to oppress people.

We have seen this all before during alcohol prohibition, where the government, law enforcement and organized crime were all working together and making an unbelievable amount of money in the black market. When black markets are created the crime rate goes up, taxes go up, prices go up and the police become more corrupt, all of this is inevitable. These are in fact the very consequences that any type of prohibition intends to create.

To solve these problems all that we have to do is end all prohibitions, this would cripple the black market and drastically reduce violence. This would also drastically reduce the reach of police and the state in general, which is why it is looked at as such an impossibility. Drug laws don’t do anything to prevent drug problems in our society, they only encourage violence, raise prices and criminalize half of the population.

Discovered today I can’t get boric acid. Apparently used in some form of drug production, so no one can have it. Why is it we are all treated like, not even drug users anymore, drug makers? Boric acid? Barrier to scorpions. Ant killer. Detergent booster. It’s a necessary ingredient in the solution to kill the red yeast in my dogs ears. Gentian Violet, boric acid, alcohol. Gonna stock up on the Gentian Violet before they outlaw it. Anybody else notice they get rid of what works?

Obama’s priorities are clearly with those who wish to harm us, not those who have been harmed.

He is chief among them….. /big-government/2015/07/13/obama-writes-personal-letters-to-46-felons-no-contact-with-kathryn-steinles-family/

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