Aw….Poor Baby…Welcome to the Real World


SPOILED BRAT: New Jersey teen sues parents because they won’t pay her college tuition

 First, I must confess if I were on the jury…though I would listen to  “poor baby’s” evidence…., I doubt it would influence me to be on her side.

That’s being said….her parent’s handled the boyfriend problem BADLY.  And I’ll tell you why.  “If” you say you don’t like a boyfriend or girlfriend then your son/daughter will be so busy defending them that your son/daughter will never come to the conclusion that the person is not right for them. “Mom/Dad, you just don’t understand. Waaah”.  Though it’s painful to watch…you have to let it play itself out. And shut your mouth. One exception to this is if your son/daughter is being physically battered by a person.  Then you have the duty to press charges. Get the proof first though. Another exception is if the boyfriend/girlfriend is involving them in criminal activity.

On the matter of the other family that “poor baby” is staying with….and encouraged her to sue her parent’s….they are stupid for interfering in this family matter. They should bear the cost of the lawyer’s fee’s without reimbursement from “poor baby”. You can’t take a teenager’s word for it that their parent’s are oh, so terrible to them. This is a common complaint among teenager’s. There are always exceptions, of course. I don’t believe this case is one of them.

New Jersey law is idiotic. The way I read it is…..that if you are 18 you are not necessarily considered an adult if you are attending college.  And parent’s could be responsible for the costs incurred. I imagine the colleges must have pushed for this bill. Personally, I think that law needs to be trashed.

Finally, ….it is my belief that when a person has attained the age of 18 and are mentally competent, they are not entitled to live in a parents house, not pay bills, and eat all the food up, come in at all hours of the night, have their tuition paid, etc., etc.   If they want to act grown, they should be treated as such.


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