Baby, It’s Freezing Outside!


Wind Chill Map, Look If You Dare

(The “link” has been updated.)

I’m in the -15 to -18 range.

And this is not the first time I wish I lived someplace else, lol.

Now…I don’t believe in luck, bad or otherwise, but gee whiz. I just started physical therapy this past Thursday. Yes, it was pretty cold that day too.

I’d heard it was going to be really frigid today, so what do I do. but call ahead (last night) and make sure they are going to be open. As it happened….of course! they were going to be open. Since it was only my second actual day of them putting me through my paces, uh agony. I thought I’d better show up.

You know that old saying…no pain, no gain. In physical therapy it should be no pain, more pain!, lol. I’m not telling my physical therapists that…they may not appreciate the joke on their behalf.

Yes, I have two. One for a neck sprain. Yes, you can sprain your neck. I’ve been told it’s worse than spraining other parts of your body…as I’m finding out. It can have long lasting consequences. Which means that you can have problems with your neck the rest of your life, I’m mean my life.

I’m not sure if I want to admit how I did this but….  (It happened mid-September 2014) . My BF and I were getting ready to go out shopping. He started to chat with his neighbor and I was wanting to sit down in the car while I waited. My knee’s were bothering me. (Arthritis, that’s where the other therapist come in…) There happened to be a large tub of powdered detergent sitting on the seat. I thought….I’ll just move this off the seat. Sure, all 30+ pounds of it. I did it one handed. By the time I realized how heavy it was it was just a little below where the seat was. Too low to try to put it back on the seat so I sat it on the ground. Yup, that’s all it took.

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