Black Thursday? Okey Dokey


List of Stores Open (and Closed) Thanksgiving Black Thursday

From the site:


As you’ve noticed, several stores have begun starting their Black Friday sales early. Each year, the store opening times become earlier and earlier. I can remember when Black Friday began at 6AM. Slowly, it began to creep earlier: 5AM…then 4AM…then 2AM…then midnight. For many stores, it remained at 12AM Midnight for several years. Finally, Target, Best Buy, and a few others “jumped the fence” by moving their opening times up into Thanksgiving evening. Black Thursday was born.

Would you believe I had to look up the correct spelling of “okey dokey”? Yeah, lol. It’s not exactly a word I used everyday. I bet you don’t either. In any case, I came across this and I though I would pass it on.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Black Friday/Thursday…you may be able to get a deal on some much needed items. Such as…oh, I don’t know…like a nice winter coat? Or, a hat,  gloves or boots?

Tis, the season for snow. At least in the north. Bundle up, buttercup! Lol.

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