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Today, (Sunday) I came across a PDF that I thought may interest you. It’s own definition on the first page says:

The End of Time – A Remarkably Complete Collection of Spirit of Prophecy Statements on Final Events. From just before “The National Sunday Law” to “The End of Sin”…..and…..”Eternity Beyond”
It’s quite long at 301 pages. The introduction page is #14, if that gives you any idea. I have just begun to look at the pdf. 

I suggest that if you have a flash drive that you download it. Is it possible that it may not be available at a later date? I don’t honestly know. It may still be available in book form.

Btw, the information was compiled by a man named Vance Ferrell in 2005. And published by Harvestime Books.

Here’s the link:

I thought I might give you a hint at the last part of the book.



A brief overview of eternal life with Christ:

1 – Earth is the home of the redeemed.

2 – The faithful live in homes by the broad streams.

3 – They will engage in many activities, including gardening, the study of natural science, and the study of the plan of re-demption. They will converse with one another, angels, and unfallen intelligences. Each will travel to other worlds.

4 – They will frequently break into song and sing praises to God and to the Lamb.

5 – They will gather to worship the Creator on the holy Sabbath

Sounds so exciting doesn’t it? Amen? Amen!

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