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Obama Clashes with Kenyan President Over Gay Rights

From the article:

Barack Obama, the US president, has directly challenged his host Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenyan president, on the issue of gay rights, suggesting that “bad things happen” when countries don’t accept their citizens’ right to be homosexual.

The Crux of the Issue?:

Boniface Mwangi, from the African Centre for Open Governance which is among a group of Non-Governmental Organisations Mr Obama will meet tomorrow, said Mr Kenyatta’s pledges to tackle corruption and human rights abuses in return for more US financial support were purely “politically-expedient double speak”.

“Kenya is known for its politicians promising things they never do,” he said.

Kenya is known for its politicians promising things they never do? Yeah, Kenya and every other place that has “politicians”, lol..

I had wondered if this were a “business deal” of sorts. This article confirms that.

In another article that I had posted here…it said that Kenya was 82% Christian. How can that be with so much corruption going on ? Hmm…

They (Kenyans) didn’t exactly show Obama the door for bringing up gay rights. Though the President of Kenya wasn’t pleased.

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