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Come Worship The Lord


by Shannon Wexelberg – You Tube – Weston Nkonkanya

Change Me


Shannon Wexelberg – You Tube

Hymn of Praise


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He Lives! (I Serve A Risen Saviour)


Se Samonte – You Tube

This is probably one of the most cheerful Christian songs. I was trying to watch my local church’s Sabbath sermon and there were some problems with it. But my Pastor said I serve a risen savior. It made me think of this song. It’s wonderful and indeed we serve a “risen” Saviour. He laid down his life that he might take it up again. For you and for me. Enjoy!

P.S. I was thinking… We all need some encouragement at times. Please share this song with your friends and family.

Rest in You


Shannon Wexelberg – You Tube