Deception in the Last Days


Strange Fire – Walter Veith – Amazing Discoveries

This is from a series called Total Onslaught by Walter Veith of Amazing Discoveries. This video is excellent in my opinion.

I happened to provide a link to this on you tube because a young man was questioning the gift of tongues and how some people use it as a measuring stick for another person’s Christian walk. I sincerely hope he watches this. It is also my hope that it will bring him understanding. When I see so much confusion in the world I can’t help but to point people to the right path. Though the Bible itself in light of the Holy Spirit is still the best teacher.

Encouraging Message


Should You Break A Promise To The Devil? with Doug Batchelor – Amazing Facts

As Doug Batchelor says in the beginning of the video this seems like a strange title for a sermon. And it is… But, it’s also a blessing about claiming the promises of God. I hope you enjoy this.