What’s Up Prof? 109 – The Truth Shall Make You Free – Walter Veith and Martin Smith – Amazing Discoveries Africa – You Tube


Road To Perdition: It’s Closer Than You Think – What’s Up Prof? 52 – Prophecy


Walter Veith & Martin Smith

Is Hegelian Dialectic At Play In The American Political System?


Amazing Discoveries – You Tube – Prophecy

Parallels in the Book of Acts


Walter Veith – Amazing Discoveries – You Tube

Special 3 Part Presentation with Walter Veith


Sermon #1 — Leadership & End Time Prophecy Sermon #2 — Terah Died in Haron (Begins at 1:28:16) Sermon #3 — Babylon has Fallen (Begins at 2:17:35)

Deception in the Last Days


Strange Fire – Walter Veith – Amazing Discoveries

This is from a series called Total Onslaught by Walter Veith of Amazing Discoveries. This video is excellent in my opinion.

I happened to provide a link to this on you tube because a young man was questioning the gift of tongues and how some people use it as a measuring stick for another person’s Christian walk. I sincerely hope he watches this. It is also my hope that it will bring him understanding. When I see so much confusion in the world I can’t help but to point people to the right path. Though the Bible itself in light of the Holy Spirit is still the best teacher.

Amazing Discoveries


The Final Elijah

Walter J. Veith