Series: “Repairing the Breach” – 271


Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus 

with Professor Walter Veith

So, if we reject the Law… it’s the same as rejecting the Son. And rejection of the Son,…is the same as rejection of the Father.

We are on the very verge of the final conflict. And the world needs to be warned. This movement is not to form separate congregations. This movement…is to infuse all.

So, the world is seeing revolt. Well, who is engineering these events. It’s not just happening in the Arab World. It’s happening in Europe. It’s gonna come here. People are fed up with everything that’s going on in this world.

And…this is the breach that needs to be repaired in the time that we live in. We can study prophecies. We can know what’s happening in the world. We see all of these things. If we don’t start right here with Jesus…we’ve gone nowhere…..      

  ~ Walter Veith