Sorry Virginia, But It’s None of Your Business…..


Virginia Dept. of Health Going Door-to-Door to Question you about the State of your Emergency Preparednes

I think they should first have to answer a few questions from the public. Oh like, “What business is it of yours for starter’s?” And “What are you going to do with the information once you have it?” How about, “How prepared are you?” (turnabout being fair play, after all.)

From the article:

Since when has the government ever needed to go door to door to collect information about their citizens emergency preparedness in order to provide guidelines on what people should stock in their homes for emergencies?

~ The Long Term Implications ~


Lynn Officials: Illegal Immigrant Children are Stressing City Services

From the article:

Lynn is a municipality on the brink. Key department officials say a recent influx of illegal immigrant children and families in the city is stressing almost every service from trash collection to healthcare.


“We have been aware of the unaccompanied children issue for quite a while, and we were able to absorb a lot of these children early on,” said Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy. “But now it’s gotten to the point where the school system is overwhelmed, our health department is overwhelmed, the city’s budget is being sustainably altered in order of accommodate all of these admissions in the school department.”

Speaking of the illegal children:

“They are…NOT… literate in any language, so they do need some skills. And I assume they are enrolling in school to receive those skills,” said Catherine Latham, Lynn’s superintendent of schools (emphasis is mine)

Boy, that’s an understatement if there ever was one.

In addition, illegal children that are not literate are bringing down test scores in the school system. And with bad test scores it brings down federal funding.

And where is the majority of federal funding coming from? Read on.

No Child Left Behind – Overview

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) is the most recent iteration of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), the major federal law authorizing federal spending on programs to support K-12 schooling. ESEA is the largest source of federal spending on elementary and secondary education.

Since its initial passage in 1965, ESEA has been reauthorized seven times, most recently in January 2002 as the No Child left Behind Act. Each reauthorization has brought changes to the program, but its central goal of improving the educational opportunities for children from lower income families remains.

NCLB required states, school districts, and schools to ensure all students are proficient in grade-level math and reading by 2014. States define grade-level performance. Schools must make “adequate yearly progress” toward this goal, whereby proficiency rates increase in the years leading up to 2014.

However, Wisconsin – along with 42 other states, Washington, D.C., a group of California school districts, Puerto Rico, and the Bureau of Indian Education – applied for a waiver from these targets and other NCLB requirements from the Department of Education.

Wow, 43 states have applied for a waiver. They can’t meet the standards. That’s 43 out of 50 states. And the law has been changed seven times. It seems to me that this program has failed miserably. Or, is it possible that  unrealistic standards being set?

No wonder some schools have been caught cheating.

And now, with the influx of illegal immigrant children? Not only are the school systems / cities that take in these children having to shell out the money for vaccinations and  trying to educate them….but they are also paying for it  in reduced funding because of it. If this is the case, then they are cheated…..twice. 

And That Ain’t All…..Folks (500th Post)


Muslim Prayer Rug Found on Arizona Border by Independent American Security Contractors

Just when you thought that things were bad….guess who else is (has been) coming into the country illegally through our southern border?

From the article:

Matthew Leber spokesman for the American Patriot, Three Percent, sent Breitbart News photos of what American security contractors on the ground believe is a Muslim prayer rug found near the border in Arizona last week.


Human Events reported in 2010 that Iranian currency and prayer rugs were regularly found near the southern border.

So, this has been going on for the last four years? Seriously? As a nation we need to have a little  chat with the POTUS. No holds barred conversation…. televised.

“Generation Rex” (Lol)


More young women choosing dogs over motherhood

From the article:

“I’d rather have a dog over a kid,” declared Sara Foster, 30, a Chelsea equities trader who says her French bulldog, Maddie, brings her more joy than a child.

“It’s just less work and, honestly, I have more time to go out. You . . . don’t have to get a baby sitter.”

Only a woman who has never had a child can make the statement that “a dog brings her more joy than a child”. After all, how can the two be compared when she hasn’t had the experience of having a child?

That being said, I think it’s fine that single women have a dog instead of a child. As I’ve grown older (and wiser?) I’ve realized that it takes two to raise a child. And I am speaking of a man and woman. Each giving a perspective of their gender.  Is having a dog less work, of course. And less responsibility? I think so.

Aw….Poor Baby…Welcome to the Real World


SPOILED BRAT: New Jersey teen sues parents because they won’t pay her college tuition

 First, I must confess if I were on the jury…though I would listen to  “poor baby’s” evidence…., I doubt it would influence me to be on her side.

That’s being said….her parent’s handled the boyfriend problem BADLY.  And I’ll tell you why.  “If” you say you don’t like a boyfriend or girlfriend then your son/daughter will be so busy defending them that your son/daughter will never come to the conclusion that the person is not right for them. “Mom/Dad, you just don’t understand. Waaah”.  Though it’s painful to watch…you have to let it play itself out. And shut your mouth. One exception to this is if your son/daughter is being physically battered by a person.  Then you have the duty to press charges. Get the proof first though. Another exception is if the boyfriend/girlfriend is involving them in criminal activity.

On the matter of the other family that “poor baby” is staying with….and encouraged her to sue her parent’s….they are stupid for interfering in this family matter. They should bear the cost of the lawyer’s fee’s without reimbursement from “poor baby”. You can’t take a teenager’s word for it that their parent’s are oh, so terrible to them. This is a common complaint among teenager’s. There are always exceptions, of course. I don’t believe this case is one of them.

New Jersey law is idiotic. The way I read it is…..that if you are 18 you are not necessarily considered an adult if you are attending college.  And parent’s could be responsible for the costs incurred. I imagine the colleges must have pushed for this bill. Personally, I think that law needs to be trashed.

Finally, ….it is my belief that when a person has attained the age of 18 and are mentally competent, they are not entitled to live in a parents house, not pay bills, and eat all the food up, come in at all hours of the night, have their tuition paid, etc., etc.   If they want to act grown, they should be treated as such.