Will “Freedom” Lead to Persecution?


Trump Signs an Executive Order to Create a ‘Faith Initiative’ – Daily Mail

Could something that initially sounds good, lead to something really bad?

Are the watchmen on the walls keeping watch?

Female Athletes Victimized


Female Athletes Crushed by ‘Women Who Were Once Men’

Transgenders dominate in weightlifting, track, wrestling, football, basketball, mixed martial arts

 From the article:

You’ve heard the expression, “Boys will be boys.” But what happens when a brawny boy wants to be one of the girls – fiercely competing with females in weightlifting, brutally tackling girls on the football field or even dealing powerful knockout punches to ladies in a mixed martial-arts cage?


From ThoughtCo.


Putting Gun Death Statistics in Perspective

From the article:

There are roughly 32,000 gun deaths per year in the United States. Of those, around 60% are suicides. About 3% are accidental deaths (between 700-800 deaths). About 34% of deaths (just over 11,000 in both 2010 and 2011) make up the remainder of gun deaths and are classified as homicides. Sometimes the 32,000 and 11,000 figures are used interchangeably by gun control advocates. Clearly, the 32,000 figure is a far more dramatic number and it is often used for impact by anti-gun activists.




Pope Lends Weight to G-7 Push to Bind Trump to Climate Deal

From the article:

Pope Francis joined an international chorus urging Donald Trump to meet U.S. commitments on climate change in talks at the Vatican Wednesday.

Note: I found it interesting that Melania dressed according to “custom” when meeting the Pope. Hmm…  I guess I would have to ask myself why in this modern day and age are people still being dictated to by a man who is not of their faith?


From the Huffington Post


Here’s Why Melania Trump Wore Black To Meet The Pope

…. traditional rule holds that most women wear long black dresses with sleeves and mantillas, and only a very select handful of women enjoy an exception. These ladies have the “privilège du blanc,” or  which means they’re allowed to wear white if they choose.

Note: “If” you are “Catholic” you have that option.



A Little More to the Story?


As you know…if you have been coming to my site for a while I like to delve into politics a little. Mostly as it “may” pertain to prophecy.

I’ve kind of been out of the loop for a while. Purposely. Sometimes I’m just tired of listening to it, to be honest. But this morning I was in the beginning of listening to the last video that is posted with Hal Mayer and I thought I’d look up some information about the presidential speechwriters. He (Hal) stated that George Bush had a higher proportionate amount of Catholic speechwriters during his presidency. Then I came across this article. There is also a video too. It’s interesting to me that they (Don Baer or Michael Gerson) admitted that a president’s speech isn’t exactly private previous to being given at the inauguration. So, were they alluding to somebody else being involved? An overseer? Sure sounded like it. Hmm…and who might that be? You can make up your own mind about that, of course.

Behind Every President, There Is a Speechwriter

From the article:

Cabinet Secretaries prowling the halls for clues, White House staffers crafting secret policy — it sounds straight out of the TV drama “The West Wing.” But it’s non-fiction, and has taken place in the run up to previous presidents’ State of the Union speeches. Ahead of President Barack Obama’s fourth State of the Union tonight…


Guess Who Helped Developed a Program that Predicts Violence?


Gavin de Becker | The Gift of Fear Pt. 1 of 2 (Episode 579)

This happens to be another of Hal Mayers subject matter in the last video too. You will hear Gavin de Becker state in just little under two minutes that he helped create a program that predicts violence. And…it’s a government program. Interesting.

I have actually read the book, “The Gift of Fear”. Which Gavin de Becker wrote, by the way. It’s quite good. It is a must read in my opinion. 


AI-Powered Body Cams Give Cops The Power To Google Everything They See

From the article:

The police body camera industry is the latest to jump on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, bringing new powers and privacy concerns to a controversial technology bolstered by the need to hold police accountable after numerous high-profile killings of unarmed black citizens. Now, that tech is about to get smarter.




Pope Warns Against Populism and ‘Saviours’ Like Hitler

From the article:

In an hour-long interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais conducted as Donald Trump was being sworn in as US president, the pontiff also condemned the idea of using walls and barbed wire to keep out foreigners.

The truth is…Europe is our example of what giving free reign looks like. Do we really want to follow suit?

It’s a strange thing to me…on one hand. you have Donald Trump sticking up for Catholics. (I have no personal animosity against Catholic people. There were Catholics in my family.) And on the other hand, you have the Pope appearing to liken Donald Trump to Hitler.

Jesus warned about deception in the last days of earth’s history. Is this part of that deception?

Anything’s a possibility. 


Giving Light to Our World


I thought some of you may be interested in purchasing GLOW tracts. My son just purchased hundreds to pass out.

I think even if you are shy about approaching people a simple tract may be the answer for you. You can just say…Hey, I’ve got something for you and hand the person a tract. Could be at the grocery store or, the gas station. Any where your daily travels take you.

What I like about the tracts is that you can read the entire tract before you purchase them. You can get a multi pack with different subjects. Or, get specific ones. I think this is a great idea.

Anyway, here’s the link:


The Making of a World Religion?


Conservative Mega-Church Bishop Takes Helm as Rio’s Mayor

From the article:

An evangelical mega-church bishop who once branded Catholics demons was sworn in as Rio de Janeiro’s mayor on Sunday, putting a staunch conservative in charge of one of Latin America’s most liberal cities.

Sounds familiar:

Evangelical politicians are advancing steadily across Brazil, helped by disgust over revelations of systemic corruption among leading politicians and executives during the Workers’ Party era.


The Ministry of Truth


Obama Quietly Signs The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” Into Law

From the article:

Late on Friday, with the US population embracing the upcoming holidays and oblivious of most news emerging from the administration, Obama quietly signed into law the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which authorizes $611 billion for the military in 2017.

I believe that there is a question you might want to ask yourself, or at least I do. WHO gets to decides what truth is and what propaganda is?

What “if”…what you believe as a Christian and is “truth” according to the Bible,  yet you have other Christians who disagree? This could be a potential problem. Of course, I hope not. 



Tarzan jeff montanye Dec 25, 2016 6:23 AM

The Ministry of Truth has come to collect your thoughts. 

When the thought police arrive, with the minister of pre-crime at his side, will you stand for principal and tell them the truth, or compromise and tell them what they want to hear?

The great Tribulation is at hand, prepare yours hearts, this is going to be a rough ride.

Everything we’ve been taught is being turned upside down.  America has become the evil empire, the world’s Satanic master, Satan’s seat of power, and the home of Anti Christ.

America’s fall will be sudden and spectacular, not by armies, but by the price of bread – a fitting death for the whore we’ve become!!

Good Stuff


29 Heartwarming Photos of Foster Kids Getting Adopted

Foster kids at the moment of adoption

For foster children, the day of adoption is often the best day of their lives. So, a California-based organization, called Together We Rise, is combating the stigma around the foster care system by showcasing these heartwarming photos of that long-awaited day.


Pretty Interesting Stuff…


This is who the internet has been turned over to:

From Wikipedia…


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN /ˈkæn/ EYE-kan) is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces of the Internet – thereby ensuring the network’s stable and secure operation.

“Governmental Advisory Committee representatives”

The Governmental Advisory Committee has representatives from 111 states (108 UN members, the Holy See, Cook Islands, Niue and Taiwan), Hong Kong, Bermuda, Montserrat, the European Commission and the African Union Commission.


Among many there is also the International Criminal Court