This is Going to Happen. The World is NOT the Same. Are YOU Ready?


Sermons Room – Pastor Bryce Bowman – You Tube

Want to see the full sermon? If you touch the title (at the top of the video, with your Kindle) it will take you to you tube. Or, if you click on the title with your computer mouse it will also take you to you tube. Below the video click on the arrow (bottom right). The link will pop up on the right side. Click on the link for the full sermon.

Seconds of Truth


I just wanted to give you a heads up on a “new” channel on you tube called “seconds of truth”. Because there is another channel by the same name it is best found by also putting in commandments after the channel’s title. New channels and blogs proclaiming the gospel are being created everyday. Let us hasten the return of Jesus by spreading the gospel… Please like, subscribe, and share this channel with your friends and family. Thank you!