PDF of The Open Conspiracy


The Open Conspiracy

H. G. Wells


‘The Open Conspiracy’ was Wells ”Blue print for a world revolution’; he regarded this book as his finished statement on the way the world ought to be ordered. Possibly he underestimated, or ignored, the fact that it is often in the interest of subsets of the human race to act against other subsets. Moreover the emphasis on religion seems odd, from a rationalist.


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OF THE CHRIST – A Written Account

The Passion of the Christ – A Written Account gives a brief picture of the final hours of our blessed Savoir, Jesus Christ leading up to and including Calvary…


Good one…


Step off the Boat

Gerhard Padderatz

This is a great sermon. I especially love the last story. I encourage you to listen to the whole thing.

This past Sabbath when I went to Sabbath school, Gerhard Padderatz was sitting at the table in the class I attend. Silly me, I knew I had seen him before? (That’s what happens when you are getting older) but I was thinking just youtube….and here he is from Amazing Discoveries. As you know….I have great respect for the work that is done through Amazing Discoveries.

I hope he comes back again to visit. It was so enjoyable, our Sabbath school class could have lasted for hours.

Also, we have had the pleasure of having Pastor Bruce Moore as our interim pastor. He was in my Sabbath school class too. Just a wonderful day.

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Happiness Digest

From the book:

Chapter 1

God’s Love for Man

NATURE and revelation alike testify of God’s love. Our Father in heaven is the source of life, of wisdom, and of joy. Look at the wonderful and beautiful things of nature. Think of their marvelous adaptation to the needs and happiness, not only of man, but of all living creatures. The sunshine and the rain, that gladden and refresh the earth, the hills and seas and plains, all speak to us of the Creator’s love. It is God who supplies the daily needs of all His creatures.