Mandala, or Painted Rocks?


Dots of Paint Transform Ordinary Stones into Beautiful Mandalas

From the site:

Australian artist Elspeth McLean loves color and detail, infusing it into all her works, large and small. Using a painting style inspired by ancient and traditional art, one she describes as “Dotillism,” she uses acrylic paint and a paintbrush to create intricate patterns of intense colors.

If you didn’t know by now…  Yes, I looked up what a mandala is.

Personally, a rock is a rock…is a rock. Painted, or not.

This would be and interesting and cheap craft for the kids. Or, you.

From Wikipedia:


 Dotillism Painting by Elspeth McLean


Montage of Elspeth McLean Dot Painting

This is So Cool


Drone-like ‘quad copter’ flown into White House is Amazon ‘Top 10’ toy

From the article:

A type of toy drone flown over the White House gate that crashed on the lawn is a huge seller, making Amazon’s Top 10 list of best-selling toys.

So-called “quad drones” are growing in popularity and can be purchased for under $100, even those with cameras. Larger drones can cost up to $1,000. White House officials said the “quad copter” flown into the facility was about two feet across. It is being described as a DJI Phantom 1 which costs about $450.

I was just thinking of another use for a drone and that is checking that your kids made it to the bus stop safely. I would have loved this when my youngest was in middle school. Though he probably wouldn’t have appreciated it, lol.



Cool 3-D Effect Sculpture

So, how is  this effect achieved? By smoke and mirrors? Nope. But close. By spinning the sculpture and using a strobe light.



Ben Jackson, Never Finished!

(So, sooo… inspirational to me.  Thank you, Ben! I think when I’m having “one of those days” I’m going to replay this video to remind myself to keep at it. )

In Plain Site


Abandoned Island in New York

I had never heard of North Brother Island. Then again I haven’t heard of a lot of things, lol.

Fascinating…..(to me, anyway)

The secrets of North Brother Island are shared by photographer,  Christopher Payne.