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Astronomers Just Released A New, 187-Million-Pixel Map of the Milky Way

From the article:

European Southern Observatory (ESO) has revealed the most comprehensive image of the Milky Way to mark the completion of the APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy (ATLASGAL). The recent achievement of the team gives us the most detailed view of the galaxy and is four times larger than any other image of galaxy.

Cool Stuff – The “Ghost Car”


In 1939, Pontiac Built a Transparent Car from Plexiglas

From the site:

For the 1939-1949 World’s Fair in New York, Pontiac had a special surprise in store.

Working in collaboration with chemical company Rohm & Haas, who had just developed a new product called “Plexiglas”, they created an entire body shell for a 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six.

Cool Stuff


Interactive Art Gallery Invites Visitors To Become The Art

 From the article:

In the Phillipines, there is an art gallery that takes the word “interactive” to the next level. Each piece requires human interaction to come to life and with the proper perspective, the optical illusions pop. Known as Art in Island, the gallery has been set up in what used to be a bus station. Why spend all day admiring other people’s work when you can step into a piece of art and become it?