Children?, Teenages?, or Adults?


Pew Research Report: Nearly 90% of Illegal Immigrant ‘Children’ Are Teenagers

Nearly ALL of the illegal immigrant children who have been apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border in the last two years have been teenagers.

What percent of these so-called teenager’s are past high school age? Take their razors and shaving cream away and find out.

We’ve been “had” again… this administration.


So, they’re not a bunch of infants and toddlers as we were SUPPOSED to believe. No surprise — yet ANOTHER lie by the Obama administration. (I stopped keeping count a LONG time ago.) I’m waiting to find out next what percentage of these folks are gang members, terrorists, have diseases, committed felonies…

t&a FreeMarky

I noticed how many of these “children” have beards and gang tattoos.

Guest P_Ang
They have been keeping the adults away from the cameras as much as possible lately to make it all appear as though this is mostly a humanitarian effort to provide a safe refuge for little kids. Ha! The buses and planes filled with illegals which are relocated around the country are filled with adults – it’s not difficult to figure out that this is why charter planes and buses are being used to hide them from the media. At least Breitbart has contacts with people who can provide factual info and statistics. The people in the Obama administration sure goes out of their way to hide and distort the truth, don’t they?

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