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I’m just wondering?

Do you think we should tell the U.N. that the “Global Warming Ship” has sailed?


Oh please… enough with the UN hysteria! Scrutiny has shown that all of the UN studies are flawed and that their agenda is simply that.. an agenda.

JoetheFilmmaker art7

Really. It’s so obvious. Unfortunately, Obama just gave control over the internet to the UN, who now own it and regulate it.

Get ready for massive censorship and internet brownouts soon to be instigated by the UN.

 carlzilla JoetheFilmmaker

What else would you expect from the Kenyan native.

 Jerry Doyle carlzilla

The goal of the U.N. globalists is complete and absolute control.

Control will be seized under the guise of saving the people from themselves and their evil polluting ways.

Everything humans do is a threat to the environment and will need special permission and will also be taxed.


This is getting scary;….. And I surely don’t mean that it is because of Climate change either!

Chicken Little has now taken control of the UN! And Russell Crowe is the new Pope in the Church of Global Climate Change!


Sure is…the intentional destruction of the US, no matter what the “reason”, should be the #1 threat to all Americans.

planeboy Zoltanne

What the UN is really saying is “give us more money and we can stop all this”!!!!

Zoltanne planeboy

#1 reason: CONTROL

#2 reason: Redistribution of all wealth

#3 reason: “Justice”

None align with our US Constitution. Any UN Treaty must be voted into law with a 2/3 majority. Ain’t gonna happen and if Obama decides to EO this one, I think the proverbial S is gonna hit the rotary machine.

Idiots really did believe they could simply usher this one here and we’d all roll-over, then swallow. The joke’s on them….completely.

algonquinmatt Zoltanne

Obama gave a radio interview on WBEZ back when he was just a state politician and was asked something like “what would you do about the disparity of wealth problems that we face?”

Obama said that he couldn’t just steal from the rich to give to the poor.

“redistribution of wealth needs to be accomplished through legislation”

Obamacare? check.
Carbon taxes? uh..need to educate people a little bit more about climate change first.

rick rick

Seems to me, environmentally speaking, shouldn’t they be more concerned with Fukushima pouring Radioactive waste water into the Pacific ocean? You know where our FOOD comes from???????

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