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amuncat IndianSoul • I work for a juvenile detention center sometimes. One of the problemas is that illegal aliens will claim their are under 18, knowing that they will get more lenient juvenile sentences rather than adult. We see them with full grown mustaches. One of the things that arouse suspicison is that unlike juveniles who steal pencils, paper clips and stapler for weapons, illegal aliens are found shaving off the edge of a metal bucket and making it into a shiv…certain signs of having been in adult prisons!!!

Lord help us all.. 1babelink amuncat • 5 hours ago as a teacher in illegal invaded california i saw many, many things, but the most shocking one of them was a headless body thrown on the lawn of our school…

rontron redbird • 8 hours ago Our illustrious Veep just promised governments of Central America $254 million for repatriation and social programs. What a nice guy and it isn’t even his money, it’s yours. Worse yet guess whose pockets will get the money.

euphemia9 • 12 hours ago “We don’t want to be warehousing young children,” said Karen Tumlin, the managing attorney for the National Immigration Law Center. No, we don’t, so put them all on a plane with caretakers, diapers, juice, food, water and formula, and send them back to their home countries.

Charlie Davis mikeinchicagoarea • 12 hours ago Exactly. How many photo’s have you seen plastered all over the news of those ‘toddlers’ swimming across the Rio Grande? Or, walking up to a border agent to ‘turn themselves in’? Most of the ‘children’ are teenagers and young adults. This is just another ‘yank the heart strings’ story’s from the liberals who are now desperately rushing to find ways to give these people asylum, and Fusion has become a willing participant to further their agenda.

Foolish Optimist mikeinchicagoarea • 12 hours ago That was exactly my thought. Without a parent or guardian how do you know what country these kids need to go to? The best bet would be to park them all at the White House and let King Barry and The First Mooch care for them. Knowsbettah • 12 hours ago There we were, camped in 110 degrees near Nogales in search of the elusive desert dwelling javelina when we heard something in the creosote bushes. A quick look and a flash of brilliant white as the Huggies disappeared into the brush. We searched around the area and sure enough, there it was, the remnants of an alien baby camp. Diapers and empty Enfamil bottles littered the desert. Abandoned teething rings strewn about the campsite and a number of tiny sandals with broken straps. Then they fell upon us en masse…..drooling, screaming Sesame Street slogans in broken English and carrying makeshift spears…..

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