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“Parent not thrilled with teacher who forced student to eat food out of garbage”

My two cents: Today you hear so much about children bullying other children in school.  Less attention is paid to teacher’s who use their position to bully their students. This is bullying and abuse.

While personally I may? have let a parent know that their child was throwing away food, I wouldn’t dig it out of the garbage can and make them eat it.  Like a lot of people I’m sure, I do not care for an overly ripe banana.

I never used to be much for reading the comments after a story. But there are interesting stories in comments too. (And…boy, am I glad I never went to a Catholic School.) These are several of many.


Catholic School? I remember the “good old days” when the nuns made us kneel on the radiator until we prayed the rosary before we could get off – also the knuckle bashing with the 18″ rulers. Yeah, those were the good old days.


I went to Catholic school as a child, and the nuns regularly went through the trash and forced kids to eat what they had thrown away. We were made to sit in the front of the class and eat it while the rest of the class watched. I thought I was clever in putting my leftovers back in the lunchbox, but the nuns figured out that trick too. Instead of teaching me to eat all my food, it taught me to bring hardly anything to eat for lunch, that way there would be no leftovers they could force me to eat. To this day, I never eat lunch, they made eating seem disgusting. And it’s not easy to eat leftover, hardcrusted sandwiches a nun took out of the trash and forced you to eat in front of everyone while she yelled at you. So I learned not to eat much and that nuns were mean. Ah, Catholic school. The place that teaches you lessons they didn’t mean to


I went to Catholic school when I was a child let me tell you that is nothing compared to the olden days. There was no refrigeration and lunches were kept in the coat room mmmm nice and warm. Many of my sandwiches spoiled in the heat so I didn’t eat them, but the good sister retrieved about 2 weeks of rotten sandwiches put them in a big paper bag with a note and sent me home. just before I got home I looked and saw what she did and promptly threw it away. Another time I had a dentist apt. I told the sister I had to leave, that’s when she started mocking me in front of the class, what she didn’t know was my Grand mom was standing at the door and heard every nasty thing she said and called her out the room. The sister was bright red when she came back to class. Em so glad the parents believe what some teachers are like,there are some real pieces of work in schools


Your dentist story sounds similar to something that happened to me in the first grade, also in a Catholic school. I don’t recall why but my teacher gave me detention (she was a lay teacher, not a nun, this was 1981). Anyway, there I was with 2 or 3 others, sitting quietly at our desks when I saw my brother in the door. Thinking it was time to go I got up to put on my jacket and the teacher screamed at me “SIT DOWN!!! You’re not going anywhere unless I say you are.” Needless to say, she scared the bejesus outta me as screaming and loud noises made me jumpy and frightened. I immediately sat back down and started to cry, that’s all my brother needed to see…haha…he ran into the classroom, announced he was my brother and told me to get ready to leave. As the teacher started telling me to sit down again he called her into the hallway and FREAKED OUT! The principal, who was a nun, had to calm him down, Sister told me I could leave. I dunno what my brother said but that teacher was the sweetest person ever to me after that and anytime my brother showed up to get me, she would just bury her face into paperwork and ignore him.

Musical Mom

It’s not hard to find many examples of abusive behavior on the part of teachers (and nuns and priests) toward students in Catholic schools.


 It’s funny that when you read the article, the pictures of both the teacher and the mom look EXACTLY like I would picture them. Teacher: A little bit hippie with her puppet saving the world one banana at a time and the Mom: a little bit bat #$%$ crazy and ain’t no one gonna kill her kid with a contaminated banana.


We’ve got some real authoritarian looney tunes scattered here and there in the schools. Ever (hear: DrMallard, forgot the word) of a gym teacher ignoring TWO doctors’ notes – and forcing a seventh grader who’d just had foot surgery to put on sneakers and run anyway, then giving him a ‘D’ after threatening to flunk him and make him repeat the whole year? Well, I was one of the doctors (The other was his surgeon, whose note was ‘lost’.). I only wish I were making this up.


Gym teacher my son had in high school made him run on a field of freshly cut grass, knowing he was very allergic. he had an asthma attack and, since he wasn’t allowed to carry his inhaler in P.E., she refused to allow him to leave the class and go to the nurse’s office for his inhaler, or send someone for it. The school actually defended her actions. IDIOTS!


I had childhood arthritis and a note from my doctor and physical therapist and my gym teacher told me to “walk it off”. These were the days I was lucky to be out of bed during a flare-up. Knee the size of a softball and he wanted me to walk it off. Wannabe drill-sargent cop-school drop outs, the lot of them.


In my experience, this is typical gym teacher behavior. A high school hockey coach forced my son into a game against doctor’s orders (it was 100 miles away and his parents were not there). Check the Toledo Blade newspaper for an article about an abusive gym teacher who has been working there for 20 years despite complaint after complaint and being forced into anger management. But for the true gym teacher experience, you had to be around in the 1950s – 60s. Ask any guy who was in high school then about his gym teacher and he will respond with two words: “Sadistic pervert.”


Being forced to participate while ill/injured was only half of the issue for us. We were required to shower, had no shower curtains, and were leered at – not watched, but leered at – the whole time by the openly lesbian gym teachers. They truly were sadistic perverts. I’m 45, and I’m still creeped out.


Bob, you were lucky. In Jr High our gym teacher not only smacked and beat kids and verbally abused them, but every day he set up a folding chair at the shower exit and watched all the naked 7th and 8th grade boys walk out. I remember one kid who – several years later – was greeted by him in the local Post Office and responded by immediately knocking him down without a word.


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