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Jenifer Engle Deitterick · Centreville, Maryland

If you want to improve the health of our kids, reinstate daily phys ed and let the kids actually play at recess (you know, running games like tag or cops / robbers)

Stan Olson · Iowa State University
Too dangerous! LOLOL.

Lloyd Hargett
Can’t  play cops and robbers, Jenifer Engle Deittericklay — somebody might simulate having a gun and they would have to evacuate the whole school.

Bobby Darrell White · Thomas More College
I cannot find where Michele Obama was ever trained as a nutritionist. If she is one, then I am a nuclear physicist!

Rodger Peterson ·  Burnsville, Minnesota
I’m right up there with you, but I’m a brain surgeon.

Bill Stacy · Penticton Secondary School
Rodger Peterson I wanna be an astronaut – can I be an astronaut?

David Douglass ·  Owner & Manager at Self Employed – Writer and Small Business
Only if you had a toy rocket as a kid. Perhaps jumping off a ladder or looking at the moon could qualify you. Hang in there, if you even had a feeling that you were in space, that will work.

Jen Bullock
Every first lady has to have that “one” thing that they did while in the white house. Unfortunately for her no one gives a crap about her lunch programs and most want her to just go away like they want her husband to go away. Lucky for her she has 2 things to be remembered for. Her failure of a school lunch program and being married to one of the worst potus in history.

IMO, actually two things she would probably rather forget.

Lloyd Hargett
Actually, I don’t just want her husband to go away — I want him to go to prison.

John Diamond · University of Massachusetts Amherst
We pack our girls lunches and have been doing that for years now. The trouble is that when too many opt out of the school lunches the price per meal goes up and this has a negative effect on the programs, Just another example of democratic overreach. If one is good two is better and three must be fantastic. Sorry, life is not like that. Meaning well and doing well are two different things.

Scott Stein
The same government that can’t manage VA, SSA, etc. — essentially anything it touches.

Robert Benjamin ·  Klamath Falls, Oregon
Here’s a solution. Mom packs a sandwich, banana, piece of candy or a couple of cookies and a dollar to buy some milk. Oh sorry Mom to busy getting ready for work?

Diane Singer · Huntsville, Alabama
Robert, Haven’t you heard about how some schools are actually throwing away kids’ lunches which they bring from home because their lunches don’t meet the guidelines? The tyrants now in charge of this nation are not about to allow moms and dads to pack their kids’ lunches. They argue that’s it’s “good for the children” (a phrase dictators love to use to get their evil agendas past a gullible public).

Robert Benjamin · Klamath Falls, Oregon

Michael OBryan ·  Systems Research Institute
Robert; the problem is that most of the Omoosha schools now inspect those lunches and throw them away if they don’t deem them as ‘healthy’. They now have the ‘right’ to do that.

Mitchell LaKind
With all the vacations she has taken, she is more qualified to be a travel agent than she is a nutritionist.

Lloyd Hargett
There is no problem so bad that the government can’t make it worse.

Lisa Thompson
Lloyd Hargett – Yep! Reagan said that 9 of the scariest words ever said are “I’m from the Govt and I’m here to help”. I sure miss ‘The Gipper”.

Cathy Finnesgard · Metropolitan State University
First of all, these lunches are not healthy – they’re just a different kind of bad. Too much grain, not enough meat, and not enough fat. Secondly, the food doesn’t taste good. Most kids will eat food that tastes good – even fruits and vegetables! I dare the First Lady to tour these schools unannounced and eat the food being served. Double-dog-dare ya. Not gonna happen, because with the Obamas, it’s do as I say, not as I do–one law for me, another for you.

I think I have a better idea….Michelle should bring her daughter’s with her and they can all eat lunch together with the camera’s rolling. That would be interesting. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall of the vehicle that Michele and her daughters ride in to the school? 

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