Comments from Sources: Lois Lerner’s Email Likely Gone Forever


Sometimes the best part of an article are the comments. A few I picked out, though not necessarily in the order in which they were posted.

jkpalmdale •
Emails are not stored on the hard drive. They are stored on the server.

rick ghostofThomasPaine •
So one hard drive is gone……Emails are usually sent from one computer to another what about the receiver of the emails is that computer gone too? What about retrieving them from the server? Sounds like BS to me!

Yale U rick •
The IRS doesnt keep backups? I’ll bet the IRS could find my tax record from 10 years ago no prob.

Ragnar__Danneskjold mesmereyesed •
The NSA has been collecting every email sent since 2009, just ask them.

notanobamaliar Bodhisattva •
Comparing the IRS scandal to Watergate is like saying when in the path of a tidal wave you might experience moisture.

Bodhisattva Ellen K •
The whole thing is a lie. This is Watergate to the power of 10,000. Iran-Contra to the power of 2 billion.

This is JUST LIKE how OBAMA handled Benghazi…….
It’s all been spin, close ranks, point fingers, obfuscations, withholding of documents, accuse your accusers of race/base motives.
Nobody in OBAMAS administration has EVER paid ANY price for their LIES……
“Not a smudgen of corruption”

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