Comments: Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches


 Seems there’s a little division here.

It is no surprise that a Socialist Pope would be a signatory to perhaps the largest wealth re-distribution scheme ever devised by mankind. Here’s a thought! Why doesn’t the Catholic church liquidate it’s trillions of dollars of assets worldwide; all of it’s prime real estate, artworks and precious metals and give it all to the world’s poor. Then in a decade they will all once again be poor, but will be driving automobiles and watching big screen TV’s.
Is there a socialist cliche this Pope will not embrace?
Pope Francis needs to get back to preaching from the Good Book, rather than from the Marx/Alinsky playbook.
The world has been set afire and religious persecution, again rampant in every corner of the earth, and all the navel-gazing lefties can talk about is ‘climate change’, i.e. the WEATHER (something that changes about every 30 minutes here in the Midwest).
It is unseemly to see ‘n hear this pope morphing into simply a political mouthpiece, while the world needs preaching from the SOURCE: the Judeo/Christian ethos, the foundation, the one ‘n only playbook for LIFE.
Anyone still using the term “denier” can’t be taken seriously. Its juvenile.
dipole –  brewit
It’s accurate, so get used to it.
Martin Hill –  brewit
Anyone still denying anthropogenic Climate Change as demonstrated by 97% of the world’s climatologists can’t be taken seriously. It’s genocidal.
So Calvin Beisner believes that “This Pope” (and the vast majority reputable scientists) “should back off” in the face of the barmy beliefs of millions of barking mad American evangelicals, yes? That’s the equivalent of saying they should repent and join the millions of children who believe in Santa Claus!


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