My son, Matthew, often comes up with some interesting things that he has read…in our conversations. It was just this past Tuesday, that he was talking about “Ignatius Loyola”. He was recounting what he had read on Wikipedia about Ignatius’ “religious conversion”.

When my son described what Ignatius had seen in a daytime “vision” it seemed to me that he…Ignatius…was seeing something that sounded familiar to me. Not from anything I had seen personally, but something I had read in the Bible. I’m not even saying I am right in my suppositions but…  And truly someone may have come up with the same thing, though I have/had not read it anywhere…yet.

I know, I know…get to the point, lol.

That is what the following article(s) is/are about… Read on…please.

Posted October 1, 2015 by Sue Says in category Update

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