Teen Leads Mob In Ransacking Of Georgia Walmart

From the article:

Led by a teenage boy throwing gang signs, a mob of vandals descended on a Walmart store in Georgia early Sunday and trashed the business in a reported attempt to “see how much damage they could cause,” police allege.

During the 1:45 AM ransacking of the Walmart in Macon, rioters pulled a patron from an electric wheelchair and dragged him to the floor, according to a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office report.

I originally couldn’t find the video when I first came across this story a day or so ago. Closer to fifty kids trashed Walmart.

Personally, I think the stores need better camera’s to identify people who do this type of thing. And if store employee’s see a group this large they should call the police right away. Fifty kids don’t go “shopping” together.

I wonder if the kid that started this would give up some of his friends if he was going to be solely responsible for paying back the $2000. Though I don’t think any of them should get off scott free.

How would I punish the kids? I’d take away their cell phones for a month. And put a tether on them so they couldn’t go anywhere, lol. And maybe a little community service thrown in.  And make the parent’s pay any fines.

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