Donald Trump and Bill Clinton: Behind the ‘Bromance’


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The former president is known to have a mischievous streak, but even he could not have foreseen how well his encouraging his pal The Donald to run for president would work out.

The Clintons Really Did Attend Donald Trump’s 2005 Wedding

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial campaign could just be a ruse to sabotage the GOP, said U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla. After all, the billionaire is so friendly with Hillary Clinton, Trump invited her to his nuptials.

“I think there’s a small possibility that this gentleman is a phantom candidate,”

Trump Has Spent Years Courting Hillary and Other Dems

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Donald Trump jumped into the crowded and rowdy Republican presidential field on Tuesday, but the business magnate has astutely played both sides of the aisle for years, and has been especially cozy — financially and personally — with Hillary Clinton.

Is Donald Trump Running a False Flag Campaign to Help Hillary Clinton?

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Donald Trump, the 69-year-old New York real estate mogul and unrepentant bigot, continues to dominate the Republican presidential primary polls. Trump’s sudden ascendance, accelerated by his willingness to insult virtually any ostensible ally within the conservative movement, has left GOP leaders dumbfounded.

Yes, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump Are Actually Friends

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Their parents may be political rivals, but Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump’s friendship has somehow managed to remain in tact. And if it’s up to the former First Daughter, their relationship will always hold precedence over a *silly* little election.

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