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US Investigators Probe Shooter’s Alleged ‘War’ Text Message

From the article:

Investigators on Sunday were probing the communications of a shooter who killed five US troops in Chattanooga to determine his possible motive, following reports he allegedly sent a text message declaring “war” hours before the rampage.


The father was also reportedly investigated for ties to a terrorist group, but ultimately was cleared.

Is it just me…or, is it strange that daddy is investigated for terrorist ties? Then his son kills four Marines.


He briefly worked at a nuclear power plant in Ohio in May 2013, but was fired after failing to meet minimum employment requirements, a spokeswoman for Perry Nuclear Power Plant operator FirstEnergy said.

What? This Muslim terrorist was working at a nuclear power plant of all places. No, I’m not being politically correct in saying Muslim terrorist and that is intentional.

Help me out here… 

Okay, so first he’s hired and then…they figure out that…Oh!…btw, he doesn’t meet the minimum employment requirements? Really, I mean…R E A L L Y? And maybe just maybe, the minimum requirements were to stay out of certain secure areas? And don’t touch those buttons?

Or, maybe a few people had the heebee jeebees over this guy?

And  as American’s we’re supposed to believe this guy wasn’t on anyone’s radar…yeah, right. If he truly wasn’t on anyone’s radar then they dropped the ball.

Doesn’t it give you that  warm fuzzy feeling that people like this may have access to anything in a nuclear power plant? No? Me, neither.


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