Disturbing…..and Heartbreaking


Video shows teaching assistants allegedly beating special needs students

When I see things such as this it kills me inside. It makes me so angry. If you are an especially sensitive soul…..skip this.

From the article:

Two teaching assistants were caught on camera allegedly beating special needs students in Atlanta.

I suppose the first order of business is to define allegedly. From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (online): accused of having done something wrong or illegal but not yet proven guilty.
I don’t know about you but according to what my eyes see these “assistants” are abusing this child. There is no “allegedly”. Both assistants, not just one. Disciplinary action for one of them? They mean to tell us the one who stood there and watched  as other woman abused the child and then knocked the child off the chair themselves isn’t as guilty? I’m sure there will be more coming out about this story.
I agree with the  person who posted a comment that any facility that has special needs children should have camera’s. In my opinion, day care center’s and nursing home’s too. And monitored.  By law. People who are abusive toward the innocent and  helpless should get double the jail time. They should be placed on a list and chipped, and never allowed to work in any facility that takes care of special need’s children, children in general, or nursing homes.
I think the parent’s of these children should be able to have some “alone time” with them. Maybe five minute’s or so.  No sharp objects. NO camera’s. Not only the parent’s of the one’s who were abused but the parent’s of the one’s who who were in the room and had to watch the abuse taking place. I would suppose this should take place after a trial.  And before jail. It could be called the “transition” phase.
God Bless the woman who thought something was wrong and took action. She’s a hero, plain and simple.


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