Do You Do This?


I don’t know if you get overwhelmed like I do sometimes with the news. I know I usually put up news stories on Monday’s. Today I’m skipping that if you don’t mind. Maybe tomorrow, huh?

I thought I might put up an idea that I do sometimes when I’m working on this site.

So here it is:

Real simple. I open a window, go to youtube and find some Christian music that is a playlist. Then I minimize it and do my work in another window of course.

Seems to make the time more pleasant for me.  Hope this helps. And who knows, like me you might just sing along and make it even more pleasant and uplifting.

Oh, another tip…you can choose one for a certain amount of time or close to it. When you’re done, take a break.

The one I’m listening today:

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Posted July 6, 2015 by Sue Says in category Christian Videos - Music

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