Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket….


Referring to the title of this post:

From the Free Dictionary…

…..based on the idea that if all the eggs you got from your chickens are in one basket ( container) and you drop it, you will lose all your eggs

This applies to your savings too. As you will see in the following article:

Lessons For US Citizens From The Deposit Confiscation In Cyprus

From the article:

It was almost exactly one year ago to the day that an entire nation was frozen out of its savings… overnight.

Cypriots went to bed on Friday thinking everything was fine. By the next morning, they had no way to pay bills or buy food.

It’s certainly a chilling reminder of how quickly things can change. And why.

This was written a couple of months ago. It is a reminder that no matter where you live….things can change overnight.

I also posted it because there is a reference to Cypress in the next article.

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