Expect It – Executive Orders on Gun Control


ANALYSIS: President Obama Pursues Quiet Strategy Through Noise in Final Year

From the article:

He came to office armed with a once-in-a-generation political movement — powered by hope and the promise of change, all making his unlikely presidency and early accomplishments possible.


“The president has some more tricks up his sleeve,” said Bill Burton…


The president will push Congress to approve a trade deal, and will press for criminal justice reform and closing Guantanamo Bay. Expect executive orders on gun control and environmental protection, though without real prospects for congressional action on either.

Criminal justice reform? What…letting them all out of jail to walk the streets? And then, take the only means to protect yourself away from you? Or, severely limit your ability to do so. Sounds like a plan (sarcasm).

Remember…..after his term as president expires he will have a security detail protecting him the rest of his life.

How about you? Hopefully your security detail includes a guardian angel.


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