This Is What Happens In The Brain During An Out-Of-Body Experience

From the article:

What happens in the brain when a person has an out-of-body experience? A team of scientists may now have an answer.

In a new study, researchers using a brain scanner and some fancy camera work gave study participants the illusion that their bodies were located in a part of a room other than where they really were. Then, the researchers examined the participants’ brain activity, to find out which brain regions were involved in the participants’ perceptions about where their body was.


The researchers found that the hippocampus, a region where GPS cells have been found, is involved in figuring out where one’s body is. They also found that a brain region called the posterior cingulate cortex is what binds together the feeling of where the self is located with the feeling of owning a body.

So, an out of body experience is basically a malfunction of the brain?

That makes me wonder…”if”  having the feeling of “owning” your body could have anything to do with people feeling that they are the opposite sex of what they were born as? As in…having another form of this.

It also makes me wonder “if” people with schizophrenia who experience the “out of body” feeling are having constant problems with the brain shutting down? Off one minute and on the next?


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