Friends and Countrymen….. (he he)


I was in court for half a day for the trial I am participating in as a juror. It seems to be going by pretty quickly. Wednesday’s are a day off. Which is good because I have another matter to attend to.  I will be back in court for a full day on Thursday.   I am hoping as I’m sure the other jurors are, that Friday will be the conclusion of the whole matter. We have been told as is always the case, that we are not to discuss the trial with anyone until it has come to the final conclusion. I do hold to that. I haven’t discussed it with anyone. (Not even the BF, uh-oh).  At that time I may write a  little bit about it. The names may be change to protect the innocent and the guilty, lol. And me from a potential lawsuit. No kidding, huh?

Update on the wild kingdom. That’s what I am calling where I live.  A fifth o’possum was nabbed last night. I can’t wait until they are all gone and I can rest peacefully again.

I will give you short update’s as I go. There are some things that I do schedule ahead of time on Wednesday’s, Friday, Saturday and some Sunday”s.  Thanks again.

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