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120 Free Things To Do With Kids this Summer (Updated)

From the article:

All the things to do listed below are fun things you can do with your kids this summer using things typically found around the house (assuming you have children).

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Or, the kid that lives within you is still up for it. I can see myself making paper airplanes among other things on the list.

Beside that…you know your kids are just an excuse, lol.


I didn’t realize that some things on the list are things I wouldn’t do with children. I didn’t read the entire list…


Here’s my list…of DO NOT’S:

I would start by scratching off 5. and 11. The dead are dead. And children shouldn’t entertain the idea of demons. I suppose you could call number 5 hide and seek in the dark….or, nighttime hide and seek. Maybe, let the finder use a flashlight. I think some people call it flashlight hide and seek. Oops, that’s 107. Btw, 11 is “Ghost Stories”.  21. Jokes 32. Card games. How about an alternative like flash cards? Or, making a card for someone? That would be nice, hoh?(← supposed to be huh, and “o” isn’t even next to “u”. I guess I was having a senior moment…early…yeah right, lol.) 43. Magic Tricks 48. Dancing (unless, it’s a holy dance. Or, you’re dancing with your spouse in the house. Hey, that rhymes.) 65. Thumb Wrestling  67. Prank calls – What parent would encourage children to do this? It is a certainly a different day and time isn’t it?  50. Water Balloon Fight. How about as an alternative – Water Balloon Toss. 69. Tickling is torture in my opinion. I wouldn’t encourage this. 97. Burning ants with fire? Another….What kind of parent would encourage this kind of behavior?

There are others I wouldn’t do in addition to what I’ve listed.

Now I have to check the other articles I’ve posted.

I wholeheartedly encourage you as a parent to make up your OWN list from the suggestions in this post.

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