From “Servergate Doesn’t Matter: Hillary Was Never Going to Be President Anyway”



Ray Deeds

Me I have no problem with a woman being president just not this woman.


Lynda Self 

why would you have a problem with the most qualified person in America. She is miles better than the current Republican clown train


Paul O’Connor

Lynda Self She is a qualified person who is also a known liar. Is that the person you want as President? I don’t care about sex or color, I want honest person with real leadership skills.


Randy Winton

Fortunately for Hillary, Obama has raised the lying and deceit bar so high that she looks like a Brownie Scout (do they still have those?)


Margaret Hofmann

It does matter, she jeopardized national security with using a personal e-mail. Who uses a personal e-mail for work, especially in that job. Plus, all the e-mails the govnt needed to look at in regards to Benghazi…well she had them on her own server to screen and decide which one was business or personal. This was wrong and she stole e-mails and manipulated them when they were supposed to be govnt and the peoples property. Typical Clintons.


Ray Sanders

Hillary led healthcare reform under Bill Clinton. She created a bureaucratic nightmare that even democrats wouldn’t vote for. She lied about being under sniper fire at an airport in Kosovo. She lied about being “dead broke” when she and Bill left the White House. We don’t need a compulsory liar as President. Not Ready for Hillary.

Michael Fuller

Bill even laughed it off


Ray Sanders

Michael Fuller If Hillary becomes President how is she going to keep Bill away from the female interns. That will be a full time job and wouldn’t leave much time for acting Presidential.

Ray Sanders Yesterday I took a look at the Clinton Foundation website. No bull. They are looking for interns.

Sharon Ewell Herbitter

I feel like the anti-Pauline Kael when it comes to Hillary: no one i know likes her. Of course, I live in Alabama where far fewer folk turn a blind eye to the Clinton Follies. I suppose I need to get out more.

Eric Batt 

Uh oh, looks like Hillary won’t be carrying Alabama in 2016. Still she is probably feeling pretty good about California, not to mention America’s changing demographics.

Rhonda Williams 

I’m in California and I don’t see any real support for her even here. Nobody’s gung-ho about her anymore. Her time, if there ever was going to be a time, was 2008.

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