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Hundreds of Pet Rats Removed from Small Ohio Apartment

From the article:

Animal control officers were working on Friday to remove approximately 300 rats from an Ohio studio apartment and will put them up for adoption around the country, a humane society officer said.

Ew. The only reason I clicked on this article was to make sure it wasn’t someone that I used to babysit for. I don’t like the little bugger’s. The woman I babysat for had her’s in a 50 gallon fish tank with a top on it. One day they let one of them out and couldn’t find it. It was “Big Ben”. When I found that out I walked right out of her house and told her I had to leave. She didn’t take me serious and when she turned around I was already on my way home. I didn’t go back until they found “Big Ben”. Of course to me one pretty much looks like another.

While looking up the spelling of heebeegeebee’s I came across….Heebeegeebee’s Possum records.

Last week we had a storm that torn a large limb from a tree in the from yard, And this Sunday I found a possum in the house around 3:00 am. I think it may be gone. At least I hope it went out the same way it came in.


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