Global Warming Models a Mistake Or, Outright Lie?


Australian Scientist Discovers ERRORS in Global Warming Models that COMPLETELY Undermine Climate Theory!!!

From the article:

An Australian scientist has made some discoveries that will completely undermine the  that the Global Warming theory depends on.

A former climate modeller for the Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office, with six degrees in applied mathematics, Dr Evans has unpacked the architecture of the basic climate model which underpins all climate science.

He has found that, while the underlying physics of the model is correct, it had been applied incorrectly.

This Australian scientist is not the first to say that there is a problem with the Climate Change model. Though he may be the last? This agenda is moving forward. It certainly seems to me that a lot of people are on board…aren’t they?  Personally, I don’t know that this mindset can be reversed?

I suggest you read the comments because there is more information in some.

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