Has She Cooked Her Own Goose?


Servergate Doesn’t Matter: Hillary Was Never Going to Be President Anyway

From the article:

Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to care about getting caught cheating again. And she isn’t handing over that private server she set up to keep her actions from Congressional oversight committees, the president and the American people, whom she ostensibly served as Secretary of State, anytime soon. Why would she? Mere mortals who defy the letter and meaning of laws requiring transparency for high government officials have their careers ended, pay fines, and face jail terms. But even if White House enforcer Valerie Jarrett leaked the story, as the New York Post reported, and regardless of what millions of Americans conclude from this lawless behavior, it won’t affect the outcome of her campaign for the presidency.


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Posted March 26, 2015 by Sue Says in category In the News

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