Hitting the Prune Juice a Little Hard These Days, Hillary?


From the “you didn’t build that files”…

Hillary: “Business Does Not Create Jobs”, Washington Does

From the article:

We have a very serious problem with Hillary. I was asked years ago to review Hillary’s Commodity Trading to explain what went on. Effectively, they did trades and simply put winners in her account and the losers in her lawyer’s. This way she gets money that is laundered through the markets – something that would get her 25 years today.

People forget, but Hillary was really President – not Bill. Just 4 days after taking office, Hillary was given the authority to start a task force for healthcare reform. The problem was, her vision was unbelievable. The costs upon business were oppressive so much so that not even the Democrats could support her. When asked how was a small business mom and pop going to pay for healthcare she said if they could not afford it they should not be in business. From that moment on, my respect for her collapsed. She revealed herself as a real Marxist.

Okey, Dokey (sarcasm) Hillary….care to prove that? When the BF told me what Hillary had said I did do the eye-roll thing. And then replied, “Oh,…boy”.

Someone mentioned something about a parallel universe in the comments. When I listen to Hillary I do feel like I have somehow been sucked into a parallel universe where everything is backward.

Nope, no parallel universe. It’s just Hillary at her best.


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