Hmm…Agenda of Change, Sounds Familiar


Pope Francis Extends Agenda of Change to Vatican Diplomacy

From the article:

Pope Francis’ hard-hitting criticisms of globalization and inequality long ago set him out as a leader unafraid of mixing theology and politics. He is now flexing the Vatican’s diplomatic muscles as well.

Last year, he helped to broker an historic accord between Cuba and the United States after half a century of hostility.


Much of his effort has concentrated on improving relations between different faiths and protecting the embattled Middle East Christians, a clear priority for the Catholic Church.

I was going to post some comments to this story. In fact, I started to…but they are kind of “all over the place”.

Though I do have a comment of my own. The last line about improving relations between different faiths….and protecting Middle East Christians….so what about ISIS beheading Christians?

The Pope says ISIS must be stopped. But how? (August 18th, 2014 )

From the article:

Nearly everyone agrees that the militant Muslim group rampaging through northern Iraq must be stopped. The question is, how?

Asked if he approved of the American airstrikes against ISIS, Pope Francis withheld his moral imprimatur on Monday, refusing to fully support or denounce the military campaign.

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