Ebola: A Nurse Epidemiologist Puts the Outbreak in Perspective

From the article: (the article is from August 2014)

We humans have a knack for taking any newly reported issue of legitimate concern entirely out of context, foregoing all common sense as we transform it into a danger of galactic proportions.

Then Betsy Todd, MPH, RN, CIC, AJN clinical editor goes on to say:

Ebola is a bloodborne pathogen. It’s spread in the same way as HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C: when blood or other body fluids contaminate another person’s non-intact skin or mucous membranes. None of these diseases is spread by casual contact. And unlike HIV or hep B or C, Ebola is not a chronic condition; transmission occurs during acute infection, after the fever begins and the disease progresses. It is virtually impossible to contract the virus by, say, walking past an infected person in the airport, or sharing a bus ride, or shopping in the same grocery store.

The article is pretty interesting. Especially this part:

Don and remove PPE as though someone’s life depends on it. Often, someone’s does. Unfortunately, we caregivers can be careless about suiting up because in most situations, we are not the people at risk. But the patient down the hall to whom you’ve just carried MRSA (because of poor hand hygiene, messy glove technique, or a sloppily tied gown) can die from MRSA bacteremia or pneumonia.

Did she just admit that healthcare worker’s are careless in their transmission of disease? Tell me now how this would be any different with Ebola? That’s a scary thought, huh?

I would never say that being a healthcare worker is an easy job but it’s not performed with more care than that? Really?

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