Hospital Acquired Infections


A Veil of Secrecy Shields Hospitals Where Outbreaks Occur

From the article:

The cardiac surgeon had unknowingly spread a staph infection from the rash on his hand to the hearts of at least five patients by the time Los Angeles County health investigators learned of the outbreak.

The doctor had operated on more than 60 others in recent months, and county officials feared those patients could be struck with the same dangerous infection.

Investigators didn’t ultimately tie any deaths to the 2012 outbreak, but four patients needed additional surgery because of the infection.

I know of another instance of this happening.

Though I will not explain where and when it happened.

In the case that I heard of (the source is reliable), it is thought it may have been acquired through an infected stethoscope. And yes, the patient will require a second operation.

Why are these things a “secret”? Plain and simple because the hospitals don’t want to be sued.

Hospitals and the people that work at them are not the most sanitary of places and people you want to come across. Protect yourself.

If someone you know dies in a hospital, I would ALWAYS investigate what happened. Never just take the hospitals or doctors word for it. You may be told that their health was the issue when it wasn’t.

No hospital, doctor, or nurse is going to fess up if the mistake was on their part. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

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